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Blood Debts aka Eliminator aka Ninja Jager

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  • Year: 1985
  • Genre: Action

Movie Description

Movies & Candy synopsis: An ordinary man becomes a vigilante and wages a one-man war against crime.
Blood Debts aka Eliminator aka Ninja Jager is so unintentionally hilarious. Its literally like watching an episode of MST3K without them. The dialogue is stuff they would say making fun of every scene. Who needs them when you have the actual character’s busting hysterical one liners left and right. Basically some Philipino goons rape his daughter and kill her boyfriend. This leads Mark (Richard Harrison) hell bent on revenge and he starts eradicating every gang and criminal along the way. One of the best worst endings of all time. This is some serious VHS 1980’s glory!

BLOOD-DEBTS aka Eliminator

Funny dubbing, classic clothing, funky music, and that timeless Filipino sense of incoherence reign, and these are all the things that make a great time in front of the old VCR. The movie is clearly inspired by Death Wish (1974) but it takes the formula in some interesting directions. Plus, Harrison’s wardrobe, the staple of which seems to be “track suit with no shirt”, can best be described as the “Casual Bronson”. After all, you want to be flexible and comfortable if you’re tracking down and killing large numbers of people. It was nice seeing Harrison in a non-ninja role, and there’s even a scene at a liquor store called “Harrison house of wine”. Is that just a coincidence? His wife, Ann Milhench, is beautiful as Liza, pronounced “Leeza”. Its a treat we get to see her lose her top. Milhench has only been in six movies, and 1985 was a great year for her, as she did half her career in that golden year. It should also be mentioned that Willie Williams has a small role as Julius, Collins’ informant and confidante.

You’ve just got to love Continental Video for releasing this. Just for the two wacky on-screen title cards seen in the movie, it’s worth seeing. For the sillier side of the revenge drama, do check out Blood Debts.

Although the film has no Ninjas in it, the film was called “Ninja Jäger” (Ninja Hunter) in Germany. Silver Star churned out quite a lot of low-budget low quality thrash action and war films: Fireback, Hunter’s Crossing, Rescue Team, Mad Dog, Ninja’s Force and Slash (a Rambo rip- off), to name a few. Watching these films, you will be entertained, for the wrong reasons!

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