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If Looks Could Kill

  • 9 0
  • Year: 1991
  • Genre: Action

Movie Description

Make way, Bill and Ted, here comes Richard Grieco on his very own excellent adventure. After he gets mistaken for super spy Michael Corben on a summer school field trip to France. He runs headlong into international intrigue. Now all he has to do is stop the evil Augustus Steranko’s plans for world domination and graduate from high school.

Veteran character actress Linda Hunt plays a hit woman you will never forget. 

This movie would be more believable if it was called-
If A Look Bar Could Kill.


Could Grieco really be out acted by a candy bar?

Look bars were popular on the West coast in the 1950’s. Instead of being sweetened by honey such as Big Hunk, Look Bars are sweetened with molasses, combined with thick chewy nougat, and filled with fresh roasted peanuts and covered with mouth watering rich dark chocolate.

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