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Motivational Growth

  • 2 0
  • Year: 2015
  • Genre: Fantasy, Horror, Thriller

Movie Description

A Nihilistic Nerds Wet Nightmare

The mold abides. Motivational Growth is a very original, creative, funny and disturbing movie. An intelligent fast paced film but don’t be underwhelmed. It stays in Ian’s fascinating dingy apartment and he never leaves so neither does the camera. His mind is gone when we first meet him but he isn’t fully untethered, yet. The imagination, dialogue and 8 bit score are plenty enough for cinephiles to chew on. I mean all we really need is Kent the T.V. to be fulfilled. Great title with a great concept and executed almost perfectly. Jeffrey Combs as the voice of The Mold takes MG over the top for me. Watch this now! Or the mold will get you. Don’t overthink this movie, just experience it. After all it does take place in Ian’s head.

I love discovering movie gold. But I now know I really love dirty, disgusting, slimy and grimey movie mold too! I heart toxic waste! I’m out of here, going to go watch Motivational Growth once more because I’m on the way to Succesville. I might never leave my house and just ride the crazy train in a circle again and again.

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